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Money transactions are a part of our daily life now! Nowadays, Rs 100 to Rs 200 are even transferred online. In today’s world, nobody needs to carry cash along with themselves anymore whenever outdoors. Life has become quite easy now because no one has to really be afraid of thefts and other impending risks involving money. This is all because of the emergence of digital banking. This digital banking, which sprouted under the umbrella of physical banks or financial institutions is now rapidly growing to be a new entity, where all the retail banking services are offered to the customers independently.

Jupiter is one of the promising digital banking startups that is modeled on the neobanking concept. Headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Jupiter promises a wide range of banking and account-related services, unique savings pots, real-time spend breakdowns and insights, real-time monitoring of your net worth, and more, all of which might also present you excellent rewards. Therefore, with Jupiter, you can master your own money without any hassles. There’s no scene of hidden fees at Jupiter. This banking company also provides its users with instant rewards like no one else.

Is Jupiter bank safe?

Jupiter neobank is a fair and transparent digital bank, which ensures that its charges structure is fair. The digital bank doesn’t rely on any hidden fees.

What is a Jupiter zero balance account?

Jupiter is designed as a digital bank for the convenience of the uses across the country. The bank promises to be a 100% digital bank, built in partnership with Federal Bank, which extends the zero-balance advantages for the customers where the users shall not have to pay any fees against the saving bank that they will open with Jupiter.

Is Jupiter a banking app?

Jupiter is a digital banking app, established with a simple aim, which is to deliver a banking experience that keeps pace with the users.


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