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Kent CamEye Car: Ensure Total Security for Your Loved Ones & Your Car (KEU90)

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Kent CamEye Car

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  • Live Video Streaming – Inside or outside view of the car, when the car is in motion or parked, along with an option to initiate a 2-way call with car occupants using built-in microphone and speaker
  • In-Car Alarms : – The driver gets audio alarms inside the car whenever he breaches any set parameters e.g. speed limit, sound level, etc.
  • Trip Video Recording : – Records time-lapse video of inside or outside view when the vehicle is in motion. It has a night-vision enabled dual camera that allows automatic recording of both inside and outside views, along with audio recording
  • Alerts on Mobile : – Alerts on user’s phone whenever car over speeds, unknown driver is behind the wheels, and many more, ensures a safe commute of your family members.

Prevent Misuse of Vehicle by Driver

CarCam 1 makes your drivers follow safer driving habits as well your pre-defined guidelines, which not only helps in lowering your risks as a vehicle owner but also saves you money. You receive real-time alerts for over speeding, engine idling, unknown driver, geofence breaches, device tampering and other such instances to monitor driver behaviour.

Keep an Eye on Your family

With CarCam 1, we have put a stop to vehicle owner’s worries about the safety of their family members when they travel alone with the driver. Features like Live Video Streaming enables the owners to check on the in-cabin happenings at any point of time. A regular checking of recorded trip videos creates a deterrent in the minds of driver against any wrong doing.


Drive Efficiency in Fleet Management

Capabilities of CarCam 1 go beyond vehicle tracking. It comes with powerful tools and reporting that can give you necessary insights to improve your fleet’s performance and efficiency. It can help you focus on ways that can reduce fuel costs by tracking miles, identifying idling time, and monitoring consignments to reduce chances of pilferage etc.


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