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BMT-20 – STQC Certified Dual Iris Scanner

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Scans 2 eyes at a time in split second

✓ Very easy to use with mirrors and LED indicators

✓ Exceed industry standards for quality as specified in ISO/IEC 19794-6

✓ Dedicated, on-board image processor supports very high speed

✓ Simultaneous capture with high quality images

✓ Powered from USB 2.0 connection & Usable in bright sunlight conditions

BMT-20 – STQC Certified Dual Iris Scanner Driver Download DRIVER

The CMITech BMT20 is a binoculars-type iris biometrics imaging device that quickly captures highest quality iris biometric images. Exceeding industry standards

Details: The BMT20 is a binoculars-type, simultaneous dual iris capture system intended for enrollment applications, especially very large scale programs

The CMITech BMT-20 is a binoculars-type iris biometrics imaging device that quickly captures highest quality iris biometric images. Exceeding industry standards for image quality, this system optimizes matching accuracy, essential in very large scale deployments for which de-duplication is a core deliverable.Easy to use, the system can be reliably positioned by the subject with minimal instructions, or by an operator with the aid of positioning feedback LEDs on the top of the imager’s housing. The patent-pending optical design of the BMT-20 includes expanded depth of field and a very large interpupillary distance range, providing effort-less capture for subjects of all ages. Intended for applications in which subjects have limited prior experience with biometrics devices, the BMT-20 is ideal for enrollment programs of all sizes, includ-ing those involving very young children.The depth of capture, or focal range, of the BMT-20 system is 30 mm, which covers all subjects in any population. The operator simply places the forehead bar of the BMT-20 on the subject’s forehead, and the captured images will always be in focus. This means that the BMT-20 does not need to be repositioned manually to adjust focus. Contact of the system with the subject’s forehead also always prevents direct ambient light f rom entering the optical path so that the BMT-20 can be used outdoors in direct sunlight without any problems.Designed with the latest in optical and system control technology by one of the leaders in the industry, the BMT-20 is physically robust, highly reliable and durable. Meeting the elevated IP64 intrusion protection standard, the system is sealed against dust and other airborne particles to provide extended life in harsh environmental conditions.Product DescriptionBMT-20™ Iris Recognition System Binoculars-type simultaneous dual eye system with power-over-USBFor large scale enrollment programsAPPLICATION.


Media Type supported
  • For All PC
Model Name
  • BMT-20
  • CMITECH IRIS Optical Scanner
Scan Area Size
  • 365 mm
  • CMITech
Scanning Resolution
Optical scanning resolution
  • 1020 dpi
Ethernet Support
  • Yes
USB support
  • 2.0
Wireless Support
  • No


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