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Loom Solar DC Wire, 4 sq mm, 10 Meters Pair

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Solar panel are the source of direct current (dc). It is strongly advisable to use dc wire for connecting solar panels with inverter or charge controller. It increases efficiency and works in outdoor condition as it is UV protected.

Components included

  • 10 meter positive wire (red)
  • 10 meter negative  wire (black)
  • 1 MC4 Connectors for wire connection

How to choose DC wire Size ? 

No. of Panels Amps. Wire Size
2 (100 – 375 watt) 20 amps 4 sq mm.
3 (100 – 375 watt) 30 amps 6 sq. mm
6 (100 – 375 watt) 50 amps 10 sq. mm


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